Fresh. Healthy.

Sustainable Packaging. Authentic Korean Cuisine

Oven Roasted Chicken is “Healthy Chicken”
The Seoul Station is determined to being health conscious and serve Chicken which has less trans fats, carbohydrates,
sodium and calories since we do not use any oil in the cooking process.

The Chicken is roasted in the oven to have a crunchy outer layer with the juicy meat inside.

Korean Oven Roasted Chicken is served with various dipping sauces, giving it a unique flavor many people find irresistible.

The time has come for your family and friends to try out something new, healthy and flavour some.

There is no doubt that Korean Oven Roasted Chicken is here to stay.

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The Menu

Choose from
Chicken Wings or Half Chicken or Boneless Chicken.


Small $17 | Large $30
SMALL is 8 pieces and LARGE is 16 pieces.

Half Chicken


Boneless Chicken

Small $19 | Large $34
SMALL is 8 pieces and LARGE is 16 pieces.

Chef Min’s Signature
Sweet and Spicy

Original Seoul Station Flavour

Crispy Black Pepper

Crispy Rosemary

Soy Garlic

Crispy Lemon

Crispy Spicy Chili

Bulgogi – Beef Meat Pie

135g – $5.00 (Individual Portion) |
925g – $16.00 (Family Size)

Spicy Chicken Meat Pie

135g – $5.00 (Individual Portion) |
925g – $16.00 (Family Size)

Savoury Pumpkin Pie

135g – $5.00 (Individual Portion) |
925g – $16.00 (Family Size)

Sides: $6.00

Pickled Radish and Carrots

Cucumber Salad

Signature Oven Roasted Fries (Fries of the Day or Roasted Chili Flavours)

Dips - 4oz: $4.00

Sweet and Chili

Chef Min’s Secret Chili

Chili Mayo

Sun Dried Tomato


Basil Pesto

Hot And Cold Tea


Chamomile / Peppermint / Blueberry And Pomegranate / Green Tea With Jasmine

Drip Coffee (Hot)


Other Drinks


Banana Milk / Coffee Milk

Soft Drinks / Pop


Coke / Sprite / Fanta / Gingerale

Gift Cards

The Seoul Station Gift Cards for all Occasions

Make the most of any good occasion by gifting your someone special with a DIGITAL GIFT CARD from The Seoul Station.

Your friends and loved ones can enjoy our Oven Roasted Chicken delights in the comfort of their office or home or anyplace. This Digital Gift Card has NO EXPIRY DATE.

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Located inside Dhruvees

18 Beechwood Avenue #101, Ottawa ON K1L 8L9, Canada.
Opening Hours
Tue – Sat 11.30 am to 9 pm Sun 11 am to 3 pm (Closed on Mondays)


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